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Practice Areas

Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our legal practice focuses on commercial dispute resolution. We represent our clients (predominantly domestic and international companies) before German trial and appellate courts (excluding the Bundesgerichtshof, the German Federal Supreme Court) and domestic and international arbitral tribunals.
We have many years of experience in complex litigation and arbitration, mainly in the following areas of law:


  • Commercial law, including disputes arising in the supply chain;
  • Company law, including disputes arising out of or in connection with mergers and acquisitions or between partners/shareholders;
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability;
  • Capital markets law, including the defense against class actions and prospectus liability actions by shareholders of closed-end funds;
  • Intellectual property law (with the exception of patent law);
  • Media law;
  • Antitrust law and unfair competition law;
  • Construction law, with a focus on industrial plants;
  • Product liability law;
  • Professional liability (lawyers, tax advisors, auditors and architects – with the exception of medical malpractice law).

Our experience in the aforementioned fields comprises relevant aspects of international private law, international civil procedural law and enforcement of decisions of international courts and tribunals. Furthermore, we represent international clients in judicial assistance proceedings before German courts and authorities.
Our service goes beyond the mere representation of our clients in trials. If necessary or advantageous to our client, we initiate mediation and uphold our clients’ interests in other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.
We will not recommend filing a suit or any kind of appeal if these actions do not serve our clients’ objectives – even if that entails a quick end to our mandate. That is why we pursue out-of-court solutions whenever it is in the best interest of our clients.

Further Areas

With our extensive litigation experience we also draft agreements in the areas of commercial and corporate law, construction law (with a focus on industrial plants), and intellectual property law. It is our experience that excellent legal advice at the inception of an agreement can ascertain, reduce or even eliminate risks which could be extremely disadvantageous to a party in litigation.


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